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Hi Ann,

Just wanted to drop you a line and say Hi and let you know how Maddie is doing.  Been checking up on you through your website.  Hope your move to Montana went well.  By the way the halter mule that you have for sale on your website is beautiful.  I would love to have her in my barn. 

Here are a couple of pics of Maddie.  She is doing great.  She is 3 1/2  now and about 15.3.  She has really turned out to be everything I expected and more.  She has had many adventures this summer.  The pictures are from a couple of mountain trips that we did recently to see fall colors.  I am really enjoying her and she loves to go.  Any time I go out to catch someone to go riding she is first at the gate and gets very upset if she thinks that she is being left.  I have had so much fun on her and look forward to many more years.  We love her to death.  Artie should be so proud.  I get so many compliments on her even from horse people who don't think they like mules.  She wins them over.   ha ha  Take care, Trina and Maddie




Here are a couple of pictures of Keota at the August ride in Eminence, MO this year.
She is 3 years old now. She had only been under saddle on a weekend camping trip,
about a month before going to Eminence. It has been an absolutely amazing
experience. She has taken to a rider and trail riding as if it is the most natural
thing in the world. We started her down the trails behind her mom, but, that didn't
last long. She wanted to lead! She's extremely intelligent and doesn't seem to be
afraid of anything. We definitely want another baby from Keota and Artie. Wouldn't
it be something if we had a matched pair!

Michael & Rachael

This photo was sent to me by Linda Dyes who lives in England. 

Linda imported and owns a Really Dun It molly mule named Dun It By 

We are so proud of 'Moon' and Linda. They have overcome many obstacles and 
worked very hard for this moment. 

Linda writes; Ann, I thought you might like this photo of Dun It By 
Moonlight, who's now 4, at Anglesey County Show yesterday. She came 2nd in 
the foreign breeds halter class and the judge LOVED her! Beaten by a 
stunning Morgan stallion that belongs to a friend and she beat my quarter 
horse gelding fair and square. 

CHEERS to you both!! 

We are honored to have 'Moon' as a mule ambassador in England. 



Just thought that I would drop you a line and send you some pics of Maddie.
She is doing great. She has soooo much personality. What a Ham. We love
her to death. I cant believe she will be 2 already in April. She is huge.
I put a stick on her about a month ago and she is already over 15 hands.
The pics I took are from last month. Steve was goofing around and put a
saddle on her. I think she loved it. She could have cared less that
anything was strapped to her. I take her everywhere we go. Last month we
moved our cows to another pasture and she got to go. I ponied her but let
the lead out and she kept pinning her ears and biting the cows on the butt
that were poking along. I cant wait to drive cows with her. She
absolutely loved every minute of it. Raising her has been the best
experience of our lives, we love her so much. I have had two people try to
buy her but of course she is not for sale. I have always believed there is
a price for everything, she is now the exception. Hope you have a Merry
Good luck in the spring with all your new little ones, I will be watching
the website. It makes me so proud to see Maddie on there. I have shown it
to everyone I know.
Take Care, Steve, Trina and Maddie



Dear Ann and Bob,

Hope that all is well at your farm. I wanted to provide you with a picture
of Cheryl and Frankie (they were foals out of Sarah Myer's mare and were
sired by Artie). They have grown a bit since their foal pics-they are now 3
and 4 year olds and are broke to drive (they are great on the road and in the
field), and I am well on my way to calling them broke to ride, too.

I speak highly of both Artie and Raven. I am really happy with the physical
and mental performance of their offspring.

John R. Dodam, DVM, MS, PhD, DACVA



Dear Bob and Ann,

Here are some really great photos of Cruz and Artie. Artie has such a great
personality that you would not know that he was a jack based on his gentle
and loving nature. My son really loves him and looks forward to seeing him
at the Illinois Horse Fair every year. We would love for our mare to have
Artie's foal with his personality. Thank you so much for sharing such a
wonderful jack like Artie. He shows the intellect, gentleness, playfulness,
and people oriented trait of a donkey, when they are treated with respect
and love.


Sue and Cruz Alvarez



Pictured here is Michael Kennedy from Cedar Hill, TN. riding ‘Timberlakes Petunia’. Petunia was one of our first mule foals and Michael purchased her as a started 2 yr old. She and Michael hit it off right from the beginning.

Michael & Petunia have joined the North American Trail Ride Conference.

He and Petunia attended their first ride together, The Heart of Dixie Ride held Oct. 11, 2008 in Troy, AL. They did a great job and came in with a 5th place finish in a crowded division and Petunia WON the MULE AWARD for the whole ride. Now that is some start. Way to go you two!!


Hi Ann, It has been a long time since we first made contact, and I was thinking 

About you during Zeb’s first trip to the mountains. Zeb’s first trip was very educational 

For him and he passed with flying colors. We crossed several wood bridges

Countless water crossings and a tremendous amount of deadfall. On the trip 

Into the Wilderness Area we followed my “older Mules” but we were able to 

Lead the group on the way out. Zeb is going to be a great mule after a few more 

Trips under his belt. He saw a lot fewer “Mule eating rocks and logs and trolls” on 

The trip out than he did on the way in. We will take him Elk Hunting in November

And I’m confident he will do great.

Just thought you would like to have a follow-up on one of your mules.

A happy customer

Joe Lemley

Hi Ann,

Just thought I'd drop you a note on how Maddie is doing. We love her. Boy is she a little firecracker. But she is so smart, We already have her broke to lead around and she is doing pretty good. She lets us pick up her feet, tie her up, we have ran the clippers over her entire body and she even has been in the trailer, it was kinda funny we just opened up the back door and her mom was not even in the trailer, I took one step and she just jumped in. I was totally shocked, she is not scared of anything. She is quite a character. This is the best thing we have ever done, we are going to really enjoy her. Talk to ya later. Trina  

Hi Bob and Ann,

We are somewhat settled in WA state and Peg made the trip like a pro.
Congratulations on the new babies.
Anyway, I thought that you’d like to know that Peg is quite a natural in the Pony Club scene. She has done nothing but work her heart out for Jerry and his confidence has grown leaps and bounds thanks to Peg. They are great friends.
They recently competed in a Pony Club dressage rally and got a blue ribbon for high point D-1. Their team (also including his sister and her mule) came in 2nd place out of 9 teams!! They had the only mules at the rally.
Peg has not forgotten her roots though as she easily leapt the outside corral she was in to follow our other mule out to the ring!!!! Oh my!
Anyway, thought you’d like to know that Peg and Jerry are having a great deal of fun together. Peg is still missing facial hair from the fungal infection, but after she was body clipped, it was less obvious. She put on some weight after she had her teeth floated and has muscled up her topline form the work and is as elegant as she can be. 
I’m including a picture from the PC rally, it was right after they finished their test. Wish it was better, but the delay on the digital camera gave us some less than desirable shots. Argh.

Take care,

Eileen Hughes 

Just wanted to let you know we made it home safely with Ginger. She seems to be adjusting well. Loves to chase the chickens and she has put the goose in her place. She has met some of our neighbors and those she hasn't met sure know she is here. She loves Jackie's company and vice versa. No problems with our dog. 

Thank you-Darlene and Jay



Ann & Bob,

Tana had a gorgeous colt! We couldn’t be happier. We named him Dun It With Poetry. We call him Poet. He was foaled April 29th, 2006. He already has a wonderful, curious personality. We are thrilled! Here are some pictures.

Denise Amann & Dora Psiakis

Diamond D Mule Farm

Hillsboro, OH







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