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Polly                             $SOLD!!!

Polly The Molly is a 13 yr old molly mule. Polly is 11 hands or 44 inches tall. She is a very quiet mule and nice to work around. Polly will ride off by herself. She has a nice handle, neckreins and walks, trots and canters. Polly loves trail riding and goes anywhere. She would make a terrific little mule to pack the kids along while trail riding. We don't have any kids but Polly willingly packed me around just so she could get out and go. No vices, good with feet, loads, clips, catches. Polly is the whole package.

Betty                           Price SOLD !!
Betty is a nice black molly mule out of gaited breeding. She 55" or 13.3 hands tall and 15 years old. Betty is a total doll. Loves treats and one on one care and attention. She will find you to be caught. Trail broke, goes anywhere and is deluxe smooth. She has a good ground covering walk that eats up the trails. She will ride off by herself. Good manners, stands in the cross ties, stands for clippers, takes a paste wormer no problem. UTD on shots, teeth and coggins. Betty is a special mule and would love to go to a new home that will take her and ride her and will also just give her time spent with her grooming and petting her.

Jim                                                    $SOLD!!

Six year old john mule.You ought to be able to tell how special this mule is! Jim is a 14.3 hand sorrel mule with a mealy nose. He especially bonds with people and is jealous if he isn't the one getting attention. This mule is the real deal. He is a worker and he looks for you to come and use him. Jim does every thing he can to please you. He can ride out front or you can ride in him back. Creeks and deep water are no problem. Walks up hills and doesn't lunge. Good manners, not spoiled. Good for farrier. Can't think of anything that he does wrong and he doesn't have any vices, other than that he would really like to live in the house with you. He will lay down on command to be mounted. Not just one time but as many times as you ask. How cool is that! He is a really solid, good minded mule.


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