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"No longer can you solely rely on your breeding program to get you to the winner's circle. In addition it takes individualized feed management and body conditioning. We have seen the results and have enjoyed the success you can achieve by incorporating FORAGE FIRST Programs. We especially like MOORGLO.” Ann Miller

The Millers stand two Mammoth Jacks, ‘Really Dun It’ and ‘Braymoore’s Raven’ and raise mules out of their registered Quarter Horse mares. They have been very successful with their showing and breeding programs and are staunch supporters of FORAGE FIRST feeding programs. They feed programs including MOORGLO, SENIORGLO, GROSTRONG Minerals, Patriot Easy Minerals and Patriot Junior to the show Jacks and Mules and also PRO-VITA-MIN 20 tubs to the mares on pasture.

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Bob & Ann Miller  - Timberlake Mules

P.O. Box 1012

Three Forks, MT. 59752

Phone - 406-209-2023

Email - dundonk@yahoo.com