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Really Dun It -
a.k.a. Artie
4 Time NASMA World Champion

Meet Artie! He is the center of our farm here at Timberlake Mules. A 1999 Grulla dun Mammoth Jack, he is the foundation of our breeding program.

Size, color and conformation and one of the nicest heads you'll ever see on a donkey. We here at Timberlake Mules think Artie possesses all of the attributes necessary to produce a great mule; not just a pretty face, Artie has an exceptional disposition combined with a pleasing "want to" attitude.

"Really Dun It" has enjoyed much success in the show ring. Standing Grand Champion Donkey many times, he is the 2003, 2004, & 2005 N.A.S.M.A. World Champion Mammoth Jack and the 2003 National High Point Champion Halter Donkey. “Artie” is also the NASMA 2005 World Champion Pleasure Driving Donkey.

His charismatic personality shines through making his presence known to all he meets. Now, he is proving himself as a sire. We are so pleased and proud of his success and the mark he is making on his foals. Click Here for more information about Artie.



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