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Breeding Contract for “Really Dun It”
Jack Owner/Manager Bob & Ann Miller
406-209-2023. www.timberlakemules.com   ann@timberlakemules.com 

The mare owner agrees to pay a stud fee in the amount of $600.00 for service of the jack listed above. As owners of the above named jacks. Timberlake Mules reserves the right to refuse breeding for whatever reason they see fit.

  1. Breeding fee and transportation fee must be paid prior to shipment of semen.

  2. $600.00 breeding fee for mares.

  3. There will be a $75.00 collection fee that will be charged for every collection required for the breeding of your mare. This is in addition to the $600.00 stud fee.

  4. A pre-paid shipping fee of $75.00 is due along with a signed breeding contract.

  5. If additional fees are incurred (E.I.) lab fees, collection fees, transportation fees, the monies will be deducted from deposit.

  6. The container must be returned to Timberlake Mules within 3 days of receiving container. If container is not returned to breeding facility within 3 days of receipt, there will be a late fee of $25.00 a day.

  7. The mare owner is responsible for all shipping costs involved in shipping
    the Equitainer to your veterinarian.

    In addition the mare owner is also responsible for all return shipping fees
    incurred for the return of the Equitainer to Timberlake Mules.

    We please ask that you insure the Equitainer in the amount of $300.00 when
    returning it to Timberlake Mules.

    I have received 3 damaged and broken Equitainers over the years and I have
    had to file shipping insurance claims

  8. The jack owner will determine the best method of shipping and will notify the mare owner. The mare owner is to notify the jack owner/manager two weeks prior to the planned breeding date and again within 48 hours before the transported semen is to be shipped.

  9. If mare does not become pregnant, the breeding facility will need a letter from the Veterinarian stating that the mare is not pregnant, before addition semen will be sent.

  10. Timberlake Mules jack owner/manager will not be responsible for incurring costs for preparing mare for breeding in the event semen shipment is delayed or not received on scheduled day of delivery (E.I) vet fees, boarding or any related fees.

  11. In the event the mare fails to conceive after breeding through three heat cycles, the jack owner/manager offer the following options:

    (a) A return breeding will be granted (without additional stud fees) for the same mare if the mare is examined by a licensed veterinarian for a reproductive evaluation and found to be reproductively sound.

    (b) Another mare may be substituted. The return breeding privilege will expire 24 months after the date of the first service to the mare named above.

  12. For all mares bred on premises at Timberlake Mules, mare care will be charged out at the rate of $10.00 per day for mare only, and $15.00 per day for mare and foal.

  13. For all mares bred on premises at Timberlake Mules, there will be an insemination charge of $35.00 per insemination for supplies used on mare.

  14. All mares named above in this contract shall be administered Pnuemabort K injections at 5, 7 & 9 months post breeding.

  15. LFG, Timberlake Mules honors a live foal guarantee. Should the mare not produce a live foal that stands and nurses the mare/owner shall also be entitles return breeding privileges. This privilege shall apply only if the jack owner/manager is notified by registered mail within 48 hours of the foal’s death. A statement of details by a licensed veterinarian must follow within 10 days or the privilege becomes null and void. This clause is also binding in case of abortion.

  16. Limitations regarding the jack include: During times of greatest demand, there may be days when semen availability is limited and semen delivery may therefore be delayed. Jack owner/manager reserves the right to suspend semen collections during times of competition. Should the jack die, become unfit for service, be sold, or unavailable due to uncontrollable circumstances, the stud fee will be refunded upon mare owner’s written request. Upon refund of the stud fee both parties will be released from this agreement, which will then be null and void.

  17. This agreement cannot be transferred by the mare owner in the event the mare is sold, leased or otherwise changes ownership after having been bred by semen from the jack, thus there will be no right to return.

  18. The mare owner agrees that if the breeding contract is not used within the next two subsequent years, the contract will be considered null and void, and all fees will be forfeited.

  19. Timberlake Mules no longer accepts credit card payments directly over the
    phone. However, we are set up with a PayPal account allowing you to pay with
    PayPal for last minute charges.

This agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the state in which the jack resides.

Date: __________________ Mare/owners name: ________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________City: ______________________ State: ______ Zip: ___________ Phone: (___)__________________
Mare name: _____________________________________
Registration number: ______________________________
Age: _________Color: ________________ Maiden: Yes___ No___ Last foaling date: ___________ Culture Date: ____________
Semen shipping information:
Name: ____________________________________________________
Farm/Clinic name: __________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________________
City: ______________________ State: ______ Zip: ___________ Phone: (___)__________________

Jack Owner/Manager: ________________________________________________________________
Date: _______________________

Mare Owner: _______________________________________________________________________
Date: _______________________


Date Semen Shipped: ____________________

Date Semen Shipped: ____________________




Bob & Ann Miller  - Timberlake Mules

P.O. Box 1012

Three Forks, MT. 59752

Phone - 406-209-2023

Email - dundonk@yahoo.com