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Timberlake Mules announces the sale of their lovely 9 yr old mammoth jack RAVEN.

Raven will be leaving us to be exported to Puerto Rico 
where he will be the honored addition to stand at stud at the farm of Jose Figueroa and his son and their beautiful Paso Fino mares.

We wish to thank Jose and PePe and we know that they will enjoy Raven and will continue ride Raven and keep him a happy donkey!

Due to the sale of Raven, Timberlake Mules will no longer be standing Raven for any future breedings.

We will miss Raven dearly. Bob and I have spent countless hours in the company of Raven. 

He is the first thing I see when I look out of the window each morning.

We have come to know and love all of his antics and his mammoth size personality. Bob used to consider him his personal riding donkey but Bob did share him with me during my recovery from my broken leg. Raven has always been steady and trustworthy and one of the best trail riding donkeys anywhere. Raven proved this while babysitting me and my leg. Thanks Raven!! 

Sounds like we have a good reason to vacation in Puerto Rico now!!

I plan to spend my time now concentrating on raising up a son of our beloved jack Really Dun It.

Check in as I'll be posting updates on AJ as he turns 1 yr. old.



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